Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before and after

Portland, Oregon is a cycling mecca.  In Burlington, Sam Adams, Portland's mayor spoke glowingly of the economic and quality of life benefits cycling brings to Portland.  Statistically, Portlanders spend less of their money on gas letting them spend more in their city.  They are healthier & less stressed.

It wasn't always this way!

In 1993 Mia Birk was the bicycle coordinator for the city of Portland.  Her first bike ride was a white knuckled, stress ride with motorists hovering behind, waiting to gun it to pass her!  "Portland at the time had but a few dozen miles of disconnected bike lanes, green “bike route” signs on a few neighborhood streets, dead-end paths, highway shoulders and way-too-narrow bridge sidewalks."

TODAY - "For less than the cost of one mile of urban freeway, for less than one percent of Portland's transportation budget, we have created a city where thousands of people can and do choose bicycling as a normal, everyday means of transportation. We have more money in our pockets. We are fitter. Our kids arrive by foot or bike at school energetic and ready to learn. We are less stressed. We are more free."

With your help, Burlington can be Portland!

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  1. Its truly wonderful to see people pointing so many positives form cycling. My message in short would be, "do cycling, save fuel, save environment".

    benefits of cycling