Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No helmet, NO ride!

I admire the laissez faire attitude of the student cyclists in the previous blog, however, too many in the biking universe think nothing of cycling without a helmet. Especially adults!

Very early one Saturday morning (~ 6:30am), I hit an unexpected, very large, unleashed dog on the waterfront trail.  The dog ran directly in front of my bike.  As I lay there on the ground, wind knocked out and my helmet cracked, I heard the dog's owner berate his dog for running away from the leash.

A helmet is really your only protection against the unexpected.   In my case it worked.

The fabulous video below, of a passionate Burlington city hall associate & her family, was created in conjunction with the Burlington Road Safety Committee.  It effectively get's out a meaningful message!

Thank you for taking the time & effort to make this great video!!  And let's hope it goes viral.

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