Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Transportation gaps keep seniors driving too long: study

An article from the Toronto Star for those opposed to bike lanes.

"Kathleen Willing, 79, still drives, uses transit, and even rides her bike two or three times a week. But her husband had to give up driving, and she says it wasn't an easy conversation to have."

Segregated bike lanes give people an option to their cars.  Ordinary bikes lanes will encourage a very small %age of the population to cycle rather than drive.

Sharrows such as those we have on Fairview Street are a waste of taxpayer dollars.  They will not get more people cycling.

Bike lanes on New Street are marginally better but still won't get a significant number of people cycling.

If Burlington is serious about giving residents, young and old, transportation options, segregated bike lanes are needed on major roads.

Segregated bikes lanes, like Hamilton's Cannon Street and those in Ottawa will have to come to car centric Burlington.  The older people get, the greater the need for a safe, convenient alternative way to get around.

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