Monday, April 5, 2010

Raising the bar - 30km of new bike path per year for 20 years

Mississauga raises the bar & proposes an ambitious target of adding 30km of bike paths per year over 20 years!

They already have 350km of bike lanes in Mississauga but they are largely in parks and not connected.

With input from 1,000 residents, the ultimate goal is to put 95% of residents within 1km of a major cycling route connected to the network!!!

For comparison purposes, Burlington has 81km of bike lanes and paths & added 4.5km in 2009.

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  1. The improvements to the Bike Lanes that the city has done over the past few years is awesome.

    Who do I vote for in the upcomming city election to ensure that Burlington continues to expand / maintain this great cycling infrastucture.

    What local businesses have been supporting this change as well?

  2. Hi Dave.

    Great comment. Thanks.

    Several candidates running for council & mayor have endorsed cycling.

    You can find them at
    by clicking on the View the List button.